Stationary Generator

Modasa Generators

UQ Power is excited to announce it has entered into an agreement with Modasa Energy Products as their North American Distributor of their line of EPA certified generator packages.

UQ Power's relationship with Modasa began after common interests and a relationship as both an Engine Distributor and Generator Manufacturer and the value Modasa could offer UQ Power through the United States-Peru Free Trade Agreement (PTPA). The PTPA eliminates tariffs and removes barriers to U.S. services and was the first agreement incorporating groundbreaking provisions concerning the protection of the environment and labor rights that were included as part of the Bipartisan Agreement on Trade Policy developed by Congress in May 2007.

In the beginning Modasa provided UQ-Power generator components and sub-assemblies, but as the knowledge and needs of the US market has grown, Modasa’s Team has developed a Generator Product line specific to the needs to serve the US market. Modasa has also developed a line of UL2200 approved packages for those situations were UL certification is a requirement.

Modasa’s 750,000 sq ft manufacturing facility includes ALL operations in house and is ISO 9001 certified. Modasa was established in 1974 when it began manufacturing Perkins engines as a licensee directly for Perkins in South America. In 1990, Modasa ventured into the manufacturing of generators for the South American market. In addition to its line of generators, Modasa also manufacturers buses for the transportation market in South America.

Model Make kW (Standby) kW (Prime) Fuel Download
MP-10E Perkins 9.5kW 8kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-14E Perkins 13.4kW 11.6kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-20E Perkins 21.2kW 18.2kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-28E Perkins 28kW 25kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-30E Perkins 32kW 26kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-45E Perkins 49kW 40kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-60E Perkins 58kW 50kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-68E Perkins 66kW 60kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-82E Perkins 83kW 72kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-105E Perkins 102kW 90kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-140E Perkins 145kW 134kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-150EM Perkins 157kW 136kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-180ES Perkins 181kW 163kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-208ES Perkins 209kW 190kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-260ES Perkins 260kW 234kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-310ES Perkins 314kW 284kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-350ES Perkins 355kW 325kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-400ES Perkins 407kW 355kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-515ES Perkins 515kW 470kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-570ES Perkins 570kW 515kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-620ES Perkins 621kW 564kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-675ES Perkins 721kW 620kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-720ES Perkins 721kW 650kW Diesel Data Sheet
MP-750ES Perkins 755kW 680kW Diesel Data Sheet


  • EPA certified engines; Hatz, Kubota, Perkins, or Volvo
  • Emergency Standby and Mobile application products
  • Stamford or YananUSA Brushless Alternators
  • DeepSea Digital Controllers standard
  • Heavy gauge, powder coated, lockable sound attenuated enclosures
  • Single or Double Wall fuel cells
  • Many additional standard and custom options available